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Running a business is tough. We get it. You're probably multi tasking yourself to death. Doing everything from back office admin like following up on invoices, keeping up with your ever growing email, managing the damn calendar that never seems to have any free time, plus trying to grow revenue and following up on leads and moving people through your pipeline. 

Wait, what the hell is a pipeline you ask? That's that thing where you see how your potential customers are moving through your sales process so you can, you know, close the deal.


Oh, you don't have one of those?

So you probably don't have a CRM (that's a Customer Relationship Management system). These things are life savers if you're trying to make money. And let's be real, if you're in business, the goal is to make money. 

Enter Pure Bliss. We'll help identify a CRM that's right for you by figuring out your business goals, budget, number of users, all that jazz that goes into making sure you have something you're actually going to use. Oh! And we'll also manage it if you don't want to.

Grow that revenue and focus only on the leads that matter! We're pretty kick ass.


Get your shit together

Track your leads and sales pipeline so you can maximize your revenue. Start using a CRM system and implementing sales processes so that you can provide top notch customer experiences and close the deal. Let's evaluate you business together to determine your needs and goals. Let me get you setup, started and maintained.


We've got people for that.

Look, we get it. Looking for help is exhausting. Why scrap the internet for a bunch of different people to do all the things? We've totally done that for you. See? We're already saving you time. Man we're good. Check out some of the kick ass people we work with to handle those things we don't.


Are you in? Ready to get all organized and nifty? Schedule a call with us ('s totally free and no obligation...we're not jerks).


Now you're a cool cat

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